15.12.2018 09:22

Hello everyone! It’s Zinia here and today I wanted to share with you some super easy and fun ideas to make your own DIY wrapping paper. We always try to be prepared for the holiday season but most of the times we need some last minute gift solution just right when we are out of wrapping paper!

Well fear not cause I have a great solution for you, in fact I have four! I especially love making DIY wrapping paper for small gifts as I can just use plain printer paper as my base.

The first technique is finger painting! It’s as easy and as fun as it sounds. You just wear a glove, dip your finger into paint and dab all around your paper!

The second technique is using mini ink cubes. I’m sure of you most of you have a couple of these in your stash and you probably don’t use them as much as you should! Some great candidates are the mini distress inks but really any little mini cube will do the trick. What you want to do is push and twist the pads on the page to create some messy vortexes in various colors.

Next is the scribbling technique. For this one you’ll need some sort of crayons. Thinks like Distress Crayons, gelatos, Dina Wakley Scribble Sticks or even Crayola crayons will be perfect. What you want here is to be random and loose. Create all sorts of different marks in various colors without thinking too much and planning ahead. You want to create an intuitive and organic design.

Last but certainly not least, we have the splatter technique. For this one you need any kind of ink spray or just a liquid medium that you can splatter with a paintbrush. I love using the Heidi Swapp Color Shine sprays cause they are gorgeously shimmery and opaque. Plus they come in tons of amazing colors.

Inspired by the splatter technique, I decided to go back and add a little bit of gold shimmer to the rest of my designs as well just to make them a bit more festive.

I hope, you like it!

Have a wonderful christmas time!


Deine Idee mit einfachen Mitteln so schönes Papier zu gestalten ist einfach wunderbar!

Claudia S., 15.12.2018 15:03
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