Colorful Mixed Media Cards

21.02.2018 08:00

Hello everyone! It's Zinia here again and today I want to share with you some fun tips and tricks on creating colorful mixed media cards.

The first thing you need to do is to pull out your favorite paints and create some abstract backgrounds. My favorite way to do that is using my geli plate. You can use any media you want. In fact for this tutorial I used a mix of acrylic paints, art crayons and watercolors by Vicki Boutin.

Don't overthink it, those backgrounds don't need to be perfect as we are going to add more things to them and we can cover any imperfections later on.

Now if you end up creating a background you absolutely adore you can use it as is. Just add your sentiment and the card is literally ready to go. There are a ton of different ways to add a sentiment on a card but I think it looks extra special if you handletter it on your own.

For those backgrounds that you really like but you feel that they are not perfect just yet, you can try some markmaking. I really love using paint markers to add different patterns and doodle marks on top of paint. They are nice and opaque and they come in a really big range of colors.

You can add as little or as much as you like. If you are using stickers for your sentiments, make sure to color-coordinate them with the rest of the card whenever possible.

Now for all the backgrounds that don't really speak to you you can try a few different techniques. One of my most favorite is to cut them down to strips and create rainbow backgrounds.

It's really up to you to pick the size and the number of the strips you are going to use. I honestly love all the variation of this technique cause I'm a huge fan of stripy patterns.

Following the striped pattern on the sentiment is a great way to keep everything cohesive and pretty.

Another fun technique to use smaller pieces of your painty backgrounds is using stamps. I really love stamping patterns on top of painted paper and then cutting them down to make my own mixed media ephemera.

I believe that it's especially fun and easy to work with circles. If you are lazy to fussy cut them you can use your circle dies or punches to cut them faster. Another really fun design you can try are flowers.

In this card I actually mixed both designs with some adorable flowers by Vicki Boutin.

And that finishes off today's tutorial! I really hope you enjoyed this and you got inspired to get messy and create your own mixed media cards.


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