Project Life Week in the Life

08.08.2015 10:00

Hallo Ihr Lieben

Week in the Life is just around the corner, and I'm getting ready. I make a photobook with Blurb each year, but I always do a little something in Project Life. Because I'm concentrating on the photo book, I don't want to make any more trouble for myself, so I wanted to make it really simple this year. I decided to do a pocket for the day, and the rest all photos. The Scrapbook Werkstatt / Pinkfresh Studio Planner Epoxy Stickers were perfect for keeping it simple (but still pretty).

I chose seven of my favourite patterened papers from my stash, and old book pages.

The old book pages I stuck onto 3x4" cardboard, and the patterned paper I cut into a rectangle that would fit over.

Glued down the patterned paper.

I like stickers that come on transparent sheets because you can cut around the plastic and test where you'd like it. I settled on the middle. Keeping it simple...

And then I added a few Pailletten (groß, klein, und Sterne) to make it a little bit fancy.

Continued with the rest of my week.

And there you go, all ready for my Week in the Life.

Schönes Wochenende!



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