Quick and easy Mother's Day gift idea

21.04.2018 08:00


Hey there friends,


Zsoka here with you today, sharing a DIY idea you can do very quickly if you need a

gift for Mother's Day, house warming party or just because.


I don't like to create anything I can't use just for the sake of a tutorial, so I'm trying to 

come up with something I can gift to someone. I was going to meet my mom at Easter 

so I thought I'd make something for her as an early Mother's Day present (since I never 

see her on Mother's Day anyway).


I bought her a few of her favorite products, from Cappuccino and tea to pasta and chocolate, 

and decorated a basket I put these in. Oh, I also added a bunch of handmade cards that she 

can send out!


I actually wanted to buy a basket, but didn't find one I imagined, so I used one of my own. I've 

had this forever, I don't even know where I got it from. Quite possibly from my mother haha!


Anywho...here's what you'll need:



* Patterned papers - I've used the beautiful Pick Me Up collection from Paige Evans

* Basket

* Gifts

* Hot glue gun

* Tissue paper

* Rolled flower dies (or any layered flower dies) or cut files (I've used cut files from Paige Evans, all available

in the Silhouette Design Store. I also used a leaf die from an old Dear Lizzy die set.)


I die cut all flowers and rolled them up, then closed them with hot glue. This is the quickest and easiest way in my 

opinion. You can use liquid glue but it takes awhile to dry. I also die cut the leaves from different patterned papers.




All that's left to do is to attach the flowers to the basket! Again, I used hot glue and kept each flower in place for a few 

seconds. After adhering the flowers, I glued down the leaves too.





I put some white tissue paper in the basket, then arranged my presents in a way I liked them.

And done! My mom was very happy even though she doesn't understand my decorating 

obsession. To her all these things are useless haha! Oh well, I love pretty things, I love creating, so 

too bad! 




I hope you like this idea and can use it in one way or the other!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!







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